“Why Cat Feet Studio?”

When I was in school I loved English; loved it with a passion! By contrast, I hated math; hated it down to the marrow of my bones. When I reached high school that hate turned to utter loathing of vilest description. This, however, is not the point. The point is that I loved anything having to do with words and when my freshman English teacher, Mr. Gray, introduced us to Fog by Carl Sandburg I fell in love. With the poem. I was already in love with Mr. Gray but that’s not the point either.

You can read the poem here.

You also need to know that several years later, after I was married (not to Mr. Gray, thankfully, because that would have just been weird) my husband and I began to keep cats and I officially became a ‘cat person.’ We’ve had cats most of our marriage and they are an integral part of our home life. My daughter once said, “A cat makes a house a home,” and I dare say she’s right.

Several years ago we moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. I think this is where they keep the fog factory for the whole world. I’m not really into the fog, if the truth be told. I’m originally a desert rat from Arizona but even I have to admit the fog can be very beautiful. If I’m inside. With the heater on. And a fire blazing on the hearth. And a hot drink, a book, the cats, and for good measure the sound of my husband tapping away on his computer keyboard.

I love the creative process, and I find creative expression in several media. Writing and photography are two of my passions. We currently live in a house with an extra bedroom which I presumptuously call my studio. You can find me there grappling with just the right word to express an elusive thought, or working out the intricacies of what most of the world refers to as “Photoshop,” but I refer to as “that mysterious editing program that I am taking an actual class to learn how to use.” My cats often keep me company. If they aren’t systematically dismantling the rest of the house, they can usually be found administrating the events taking place in my studio.

Just one more thing: my very first love is Jesus. I’m a born again Christian, been saved since 1983, and I am the wife of a pastor. I love Jesus with all my heart, first and foremost. Everything I do and everything I am is because of who He is!