In Which I Dream on the Diving Board (Part 1: The Heavens Call My Name)

Growing up on the surface of the sun neccesitated a house with a pool in the backyard. So when my parents moved our family from Chicago to Tucson when I was a kid, we moved into a house with a pool. As a child and all the way up until I moved out on my own after high school I used to lie on the diving board and stare up into the night sky. I used to do it as an adult coming back to visit my parents as well. Tucson’s night sky is one of the best places on the planet…or it used to be when I was a kid, to see the stars. The climate is so dry, and the area we in which we lived so dark at night, that the stars seemed within reaching distance. The milky way was always visible… [Read More]

Cat Feet? Why?

“Why Cat Feet Studio?” When I was in school I loved English; loved it with a passion! By contrast, I hated math; hated it down to the marrow of my bones. When I reached high school that hate turned to utter loathing of vilest description. This, however, is not the point. The point is that I loved anything having to do with words and when my freshman English teacher, Mr. Gray, introduced us to Fog by Carl Sandburg I fell in love. With the poem. I was already in love with Mr. Gray but that’s not the point either. You can read the poem here. You also need to know that several years later, after I was married (not to Mr. Gray, thankfully, because that would have just been weird) my husband and I began to keep cats and I officially became a ‘cat person.’… [Read More]

In Which I Am Thankful for My Family, and Point Out That Safeway Probably Won’t Run Out of Food

It’s the day before Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays. I love that Thanksgiving is right before Christmas. I think we would do well to set aside time purely for giving thanks and cultivating a grateful attitude before the greed season Christmas. As a side note, and not really the point of this post, but I’m throwing it in: I’m not a Grinch. Really, I’m not. I love Christmas and all that it means. I decorate, I do a Christmas tree, I cook and bake and I love the gift thing, family traditions, spending extra time with family and friends. I love it all, but underscoring everything during Thanksgiving is the need to remember that we are celebrating God’s greatest gift to mankind: Himself. Jesus. This should set the tone for all we do in the upcoming weeks. Also…I stay out of malls this time of year and shop as little… [Read More]