girlseverythingComing soon!  Pictured is The Everything Blanket as a sneak preview. The Everything Blanket is 100% everything: washable, reversible, and snuggle-able, and about 40 inches square, perfect for newborn swaddling, tummy time, or cuddling with during story or nap time. I have a few of these for sale for both boys and girls, fully customizable and available for special order, along with some other goodies as well, including these greeting card sets. Pictured is “Into the Sunset,” shot in Hawaii, “Barclay Lane,” shot in Virginia, (on…wait for it…Barclay Lane in the DC area!), and the last is “Come Sail Away,” also shot in Hawaii. These are just a few that are available, and I’ll be adding some local sets as well.  They are all from a collection of my own photography, and available as sets or as individual images, suitable for gifting, framing, or writing something to someone special. Each image is about 4 by 5 and a half inches square, mounted on a card slightly larger and includes a matching envelope. Contact me for details!