Quinoa: a girl’s best friend. Way better than diamonds.

Is that even said anymore? That diamonds are a girl’s best friend? I hope not …it’s SO not true!  I suppose quinoa isn’t really a girl’s best friend either…but it makes for a good title. Anyway. Have you ever eaten quinoa? It’s a grain, grown mostly in South America. It has a very high protein content, for a grain. Here’s some basic info. I could seriously live on the stuff. My son-in-law taught me how to cook it. Basically it’s cooked like rice, but mine always turned out mushy until he showed me what to do. In the interest of paying it forward and community spirit, I now give you his method of cooking quinoa: By the way, we don’t measure the ingredients other than the quinoa and liquid, so you’ll need to eyeball it all and adjust for your personal taste. Basic Quinoa Recipe Ingredients: Lots of garlic… [Read More]